Availability Checker

Today for my lunch break I decided to walk over to the mall and buy an Ollo Clip¬†from Best Buy. The entire trip is only 1 mile round trip which isn’t normally a big deal but today is extremely cold (feels like -5) and snow is everywhere but I figured I could use the walk and some fresh air. So I checked product availability online first and their website said “AVAILABLE NOW” so off I went.

Only to find out they did not¬†actually have it available. The employee told me “When it says we have 1 that normally means we have none”. WAIT WHAT? That’s your policy? Really?

Here are 2 options to fix this issue:

  1. Make your availability numbers actually work.
  2. When stock numbers get below a certain number, let’s say 3, throw a flag / message near the count that says something like: “Stock of this product is very low. We suggest calling the location and double checking to availability before departure.”
  3. Remove the feature entirely and direct people to call and ask about availabilty.

Please, do NOT have people check online, then commute to your store just to find out you do not in fact have the product they wanted to purchase.