A New Car UI — meh.


I HATE my car’s stereo UI. I mean I HATE IT (looking at you Toyota) so I was excited to see this project pop up today. Although very well presented and interesting the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Tech savvy folks would love this minimalistic thing but the average user wouldn’t know what to do with it. I could picture my father punching a hole in the screen out of frustration when trying to turn the A/C on.


Quick/Cheap Research Lab

How Pocket built a research lab in a few hours with an iPad, AppleTV, laptop and 2 cameras.



Tuesday Links

Progress Button StylesCreative effects for loading buttons


Site that let’s you take / give user tests in 5 seconds. Nice.


Jared Spool’s UX school KickStarter now has 1020 backers and up to $92,413.


Cool heat mapping, scroll tracking, etc tool.


Easy way to make a word bubble of user feedback.


Mr. Tappy

Pretty neat AND weird way to record screens during UX testing. It’s an actual hardware kit you attach to the device that records video of the users hands / screen. Looks ridiculous but cool concept.

OH HELL NO: Pinterest’s new mega nav

Snapchat Inbox

Why not be a little more clear with the distinction of a video or image in your received snapchats? The snapchats that I receive are basically useless and I treat my interactions as such. I would prefer a little more clarity when my brother sends me a video of him singing along to Taylor Swift to be prepared ahead of time and turn on my audio to see this embarrassment before it disappears into the digital abyss. I also don’t want to have to send a snapchat and preface it with a text that says “hey make sure your audio is on when you open that, it’s my daughter singing along to you’re a mean one mr. grinch, it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see”. 

Wouldn’t this be much more clear?


Apple Reviews

If you look at a product on Apple.com you can see the average user review and how many reviews there are front and center near the Add to Cart button.

Great! I like that. But then say you’re interested in actually reading these reviews so you click the star and amount but NOTHING HAPPENS. It’s just static. So you then have to go looking for where these reviews actually are which are much lower and hidden in a tab.

GREAT! Thanks for the help Apple!

How to fix this: Make the reviews information under the cart button clickable. On click show them the reviews. This isn’t rocket science guys.


The experience on mobile is BARELY better. Same issue can’t click the stars and review number to see the reviews you have to click the tab below it. At least this time the tab to find them is directly below but STILL.


BostonGlobe.com = no click to enlarge?

This photo looks very interesting. I’d love to view it larger to see the detail  but you can’t click to enlarge it like you’d expect. ANNOYING.

Original Article


Why does Behance make it so hard to appreciate a project?

 Can you appreciate it here on the news feed?


Oh… Well can you appreciate here on the project details section on the project page?


You have to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click this blue star thing that barely resembles a clickable button:image


PS. I get it. They want you to scroll to the very bottom and see the full project before you can truly appreciate it but COME ON. It’s not a standard practice, it’s annoying and the actual ‘button’ is barely a button. This could be so much better / easier.

QuizUp has too many bugs.

Not a UX issue really, but when you think about how it ruins the user experience, bugs can most certainly be a UX issue.

WAY too many bugs, errors, disconnections and “dagnabbits”. Pretty annoying when you play the whole game (and were winning - obviously) for it to just error or disconnect at the end. It was fun while it lasted QuizUp!


BestBuy.com Availability Checker

Today for my lunch break I decided to walk over to the mall and buy an Ollo Clip from Best Buy. The entire trip is only 1 mile round trip which isn’t normally a big deal but today is extremely cold (feels like -5) and snow is everywhere but I figured I could use the walk and some fresh air. So I checked product availability online first and their website said “AVAILABLE NOW” so off I went.

Only to find out they did not actually have it available. The employee told me “When it says we have 1 that normally means we have none”. WAIT WHAT? That’s your policy? Really?

Here are 2 options to fix this issue:

  1. Make your availability numbers actually work.
  2. When stock numbers get below a certain number, let’s say 3, throw a flag / message near the count that says something like: “Stock of this product is very low. We suggest calling the location and double checking to availability before departure.”
  3. Remove the feature entirely and direct people to call and ask about availabilty.

Please, do NOT have people check online, then commute to your store just to find out you do not in fact have the product they wanted to purchase.


Half.com Search Results

When you search for a keyword on Half.com it serves you up the results broken into categories - that’s good. On the category headers it tells you how many results per category - also good! Now you’d think you could click this number to see said results, but you can’t - this is bad.


To see all the results you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link. Well that’s unexpected and annoying.


Here is a proposed solution to make this better:


QuizUp: more quiz please

I recently caught the QuizUp bug, but I have a bone to pick with this screen..

I just want to play another quiz, why are you giving me all of these statistics that, frankly, mean nothing to me. Yeah, you can keep them if they really mean that much to you, but please put the buttons to continue playing front and center. I would love to see it done more like this…

I would love to more quickly up my game, @craignb has been defeating me about 8 times out of 10 challenges… I just can’t have that.